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Four Wheel Laser Alignment

Wheel Alignment

At Quedam Tyres we offer 4 wheel laser alignments with our Super Tracker STR410r. We have a designated Wheel Alignment Bay to ensure that your vehicle is taken care of while providing this service. To make sure that the equipment is running at its optimum performance we have it calibrated every 6 months. We correct alignment problems ranging from uneven tyre wear, vehicle pulling to left or right and crooked steering wheel. This reduces wear and tear, reduces fuel consumption and most importantly - improves road safety.

The Benefits of Alignment

o Better fuel economy

o Extends the life of your tyres

o Better handling for your car

o Reduces wear and tear on your car

o A car with properly aligned wheels will be safer

The Symptoms

Does the steering wheel vibrate? Does your vehicle pull to one side? Do you have to move the steering wheel constantly to keep in a straight line? The Cure The chances are if your car has any of these symptoms your alignment may be badly adjusted. These problems will normally be corrected by checking and realigning the wheels.


All of us at Quedam Tyres appreciate that wheel alignment can sometimes be an added cost that you may wish to avoid. However, we would recommend wheel alignment is checked as it could save you money over the life of the tyres.

Wheel Balancing

Wheels are balanced to the benefits and the difficulties you may see with neglecting wheel alignment. Please see the video below.

Unfortunately we don’t offer quotes on wheel alignment on our website, please feel free to contact us on 01935 706070 to discuss any requests you may have.


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